All Inclusive Pricing

Premier Pet Care offers all inclusive prices. We charge a flat rate per minute, no matter how large or small your dog, long hair or no hair, spoiled or well behaved, you only get charged for the work that gets completed on your pet.

Included when you book an appointment is bathing, brushing, nail clipping and grinding, oral cleansing, hair trimming, special shampoos, conditioners and rinses, as well as finishing touches. No pressured sales pitches or silly seasonal gimmicks, just what is best for your pet every time. 

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Book an appointment to discuss available service dates and times as well as ask questions about price and requirements for grooming at Premier Petcare


More about our services: 

Let our super experienced groomers and bathers teach you more

about how to care for your pet's specific needs, from recommendations

for at home grooming tools to internal nutrition that supplements

hair growth and skin health. Read on to learn more about

techniques used on your pet while in our care. 


We use a technique called Line Brushing. This ensures that every inch of hair is brushed from root to tip, nose to toes. Because the hair and fur of dogs can differ so greatly from breed to breed we use a variety of different tools. Rubber curry combs are used for shedding coats both smooth and rough. Pin brushes are gentle and used when there is no need to remove hair. Slicker brushes are used to sort through knotted hair and to remove impacted coat. Shedding blades make short work of general smooth coat shedding. Coarse and Fine combs help fluff coats for scissoring. All of these tools are necessary and the higher the quality the easier and faster grooming becomes. 


Bathing is the most important part of the groom. The quality of our haircuts are directly related to the quality of the bath we perform on your pet. It is a required part of grooming. Removing dead skin cells and properly opening and closing the hair shaft requires knowledge of water hardness, shampoo ingredients, proper air and water temperature as well as proper use of tools and equipment. We have chosen to use the highest quality of concentrated shampoo that is not only ALL NATURAL but gluten free. In the future we hope to utilize ionic water and blow dryers to further facilitate proper hair and skin handling. 

Nails, Ears, and Teeth

Although not every dog's ears needs to be cleaned every time they come see us, we check every time and are ready to give you a full report upon request. We can do general cleaning and plucking as needed or refer you to a veterinarian if we suspect parasites, infection or other harmful conditions. 
We trim our nails within 1 millimeter of the quick. Proper trimming of nails are one of the first skills our staff are trained to recognize. Nails should not go longer than 4 weeks without being maintained and can be maintained as often as three times a week in order to shorten the quick and reduce the length of the nail over all. We condone the use of plier style nail clippers and utilize electric nail grinders with diamond carbide mandrels (60 grit) to reduce the likelihood of splitting nails and make quick work of a sometimes stressful situation. 
Diligent gum health has been suggested to add 2-3 years to the end of a dog's life. However once tarter starts to build up on your pets gum line, only a vet is allowed to remove it. Plaque however is removable with application of gentle cleansers and we offer this service with every groom at no additional charge. Daily care is necessary for the best gum health and our staff are ready and prepared to suggest many different ways to help maintain your dogs best teeth and breath at any age. 

Clipping and Scissoring

You can find out more about our groomer's qualifications on the staff introduction page. Here we discuss the equipment applied during the clipping process. Our groomer utilizes three different clippers each with specific uses for specific issues related to dog care. We have a super quiet AG+ 2 Speed that runs slow and gently for those dogs who are timid or have sensitive skin, our Andis UltraEdge makes quick work of normal coat conditions and the higher speed gives a smooth clip with less passes over the body. Last we utilize Double K Industries variable speed Power clipper for super matted emergency shave downs. After every clip each dog is finished by hand scissoring around the face, feet and tail creating a clean look guaranteed to last up to 6 weeks. Our stylist is well versed in bevel edged as well as convex edged shears, applying proven preventative maintenance and cleaning techniques that keep equipment super sharp and safe to give that extra quality you can expect every time you book with Premier Pet Care.